„Vjeruj u ljubav“ (“Believe in love”) choral music and stage spectacle of the Roženice Choir

“Believe in love” is an entertaining choir concert created in 2016 by Ines Kovačić Drndić in collaboration with the singers of the Roženice Choir in order to bring the Choir even closer to the audience and thus attract new singers of the younger generation among its members. Already after the first year of the concert, it was realized that the project will have a bright future because it was extremely accepted by the audience and since then the concert is traditionally held in February on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Valentine’s Day. The concert program includes love songs of various styles with an emphasis on fun popular music performed by the Choir accompanied by excellent musicians. Since 2018, the accompanying band Zbor has a rich instrumental ensemble (piano, solo guitar, bass guitar, percussion and violin).

The first concert “Believe in love” was held on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 2016 in the small hall of the Pazin Memorial Home, which can accommodate up to 250 people. As more space was needed at the first concert, after the next concert held by the Choir on February 17, 2017, it was clear that the concert should be moved to a large concert hall, which is a great challenge for the production of the concert. In 2018, the choir bravely started the realization of the concert in the large concert hall of the Memorial House, which can accommodate more than 600 visitors. The exceptional success of the concert held by the Choir on February 16, 2018 gave the wind in the back and confirmation to the Choir that their project is high quality and well recognized by the audience and the media. Since then, the concerts have been held in a large hall that the audience regularly fills to the last seat. The next concerts were held on February 23, 2019 and February 22, 2020. That the Mixed Choir “Roženice” is doing something especially good and different at the concert “Believe in love” is proved by the fact that even a week before the concert, the large hall of the Pazin Memorial House is completely sold out.

Fun love hits that can otherwise be heard on radio stations, in a choir arrangement accompanied by professional musicians and carefully selected guests become a real musical treat and the concept of the concert with charismatic hosts takes on a much wider scope than a pure music program. With the technical support of Vedras d.o.o. tonal and scenic elements have been brought to the level of the most modern concerts, thus deepening the visual feeling of the song with the help of a video wall.

The fact that Luka Krulčić was the only soloist of the choir at the first concerts and in 2020 Diana Krizmanić, Petra Kuhar, Nina Maretić, Anja Fakin, Anna Drndić, Kruna Mrak, Leon Merleta, Neven Turčinović, Deni Erik, Goran Fabris and Miljenko Ladavac join him in solo roles, proves how much the singers within the Roženica Choir are progressing with the help of conductor Ines Kovačić Drndić.

At the concert “Believe in Love” in a two-hour program with the Choir Roženice perform special guests who already have important media coverage and thus ensure the high attractiveness of the project for all generations of audiences and fans of different styles of pop and pop music. The audience can thus enjoy the choral arrangements of songs by the most famous domestic and foreign singers. It is interesting to note that the famous Istrian composer Damir Grgurović Grga composed the song “Viruj u ljubav” for the Roženica Choir, which the Choir performed for the first time at the Believe in Love concert on February 22, 2020. The ceremony was the conclusion of the 40th anniversaries of the successful continuous work of the Choir.

The Roženica Choir takes a short break at the concert while the youngest guests perform, the children’s choir “Little of St. Juraj ”from Pazin and with them Roženice always have attractive surprise guests. Thus, in 2018, Mia Dimšić was a guest, in 2019 Franka Batelić, in 2020 Bojan Jambrošić. The hosts of the concert are the charismatic opera singer and media personality Ronald Braus and the famous TV presenter Frano Ridjan. The concert was broadcast live by HRT Pula in 2019 and by Radio Istra in 2020.

All concerts in 2019

List of performances and concerts in 2019.

Date of performance Organizer The reason for the performance Place of performance
23.02.2019. Roženice Vjeruj u ljubav 2019 Pazin, velika konc dvorana Spomen doma
04.03.2019. UAB Pazin Promocija knjige o Vladimiru Gortanu Pazin, Spomen dom, dvorana Istra
29.03.2019. Županija istarska Dan statuta ŽI Poreč, sabornica
04.05.2019. Ars Cultura FAKS Sings festival 2019 Vol 1 Pazin, Spomen dom, velika konc. dvorana
11.05.2019. Ars Cultura FAKS Sings festival 2019 Vol 2 Pazin, Spomen dom, velika konc. dvorana
12.05.2019. Župa sv. Nikole Pazin Svečana sveta misa, krizma 2019 Pazin, župna crkva
26.05.2019. Music&Friends Festival Cantate Croatia Rovinj, kazalište Gandusio
31.05.2019. Grad Pazin Svečana sjednica Gradskog vijeća – Dan Grada Pazin, S Dom, Dvorana Istra
31.05.2019. Grad Pazin i POU Pazin Dan Grada 2019 Pazin, S Dom , velika dvorana
13.06.2019. The Spirit Godišnja produkcija Pazin, Spomen dom, velika dvorana
05.07.2019. Corale San Marco Musica sacra, Belluno 2019 Belluno, Italija
05.07.2019. Corale San Mrco Musica sacra 2019. Belluno Belluno (Italia), crkva sv. Marije Mussoi
06.07.2019. Corale san Marco Musica sacra 2019. Belluno Belluno (Italia), crkva sv. Martina
10.08.2019. Ronald Braus Noć sv. Lovre Rovinj, ispred Franjevačkog samostana
13.09.2019. Grad Pazin Rujanske svečanosti 2019 Pazin, Spomen dom, mala konc. dvorana
21.09.2019. Župa sv. Matej – Cere Matejina 2019 Cere, župna crkva
21.09.2019. Mjesni odbor Cere Matejina 2019 Cere, šator
05.10.2019. Oriana Vozila 35. godišnjica umjetničkog rada Rovinj, dvorana MMC-a
13.10.2019. Ars Cultura Festival Musica sacra Rovinj, crkva sv Eufemije
13.11.2019. GSŠ Jurja Dobrile 120. godišnjica gimnazije Pazin, župna crkva sv. Nikole
30.11.2019. Caritas Humanitarni koncert Pazin sportska dvorana Kolegija
04.12.2019. Zajednica talijana Pazin Promocija knjige Prvo planinarsko društvo u Istri Pazin, prostor ZT
06.12.2019. Župni ured sv. Nikole Pazin Sveti Nikola 2019 Pazin, župna crkva
15.12.2019. Zbor Rijeka – Sempre Allegro Božićni koncert Rijeka, Kapucinska crkva
20.12.2019. Limena glazba Pazin Božićno-novogodišnji koncert LG 2019 Pazin, Spomen dom, velika konc dvorana
26.12.2019. Grad Zagreb Božić u Ciboni 2019 Zagreb, dvorana Dražen Petrović
29.12.2019. Župa Žminj Božićni koncert Žminj, župna crkva